Anastasia Ivleeva 20 year-old Other Spatial Scientist Duane Breyfogle from Gravenhurst, has pastimes such as belly dancing, beer and creating a house. Has these days concluded a travel to Gondwana Rainforests of Australia.

Karte Europa Stumm

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About Karte Europa Stumm

In an age afterward mapping apps are commonplace, you may think received map reading an archaic skill. But if you enjoy hiking, camping, exploring the wilderness, and supplementary external activities, a fine road or Karte Europa Stumm can be your best friend.

Real maps are reliable. Unlike cell phones and GPS devices, there are no signals to lose or batteries to regulate considering a paper mapyou can trust that they’ll acquire you where you habit to go. This guide will introduce you to the basic elements of a map.

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Karte Europa Stumm 1 | 

Where is Karte Europa Stumm

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The map of Karte Europa Stumm at the top of this page shows the continent and parts of biggest continent. It presents the continent in the form of a Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area Projection. It views the Earth from a point located directly above 120 degrees south latitude and 65 degrees east longitude. It is what you would see from a satellite located immediately above that point and high enough above the Earth to see the entire map area. It is made by projecting all points on Earth’s surface up to the satellite and recording them on a horizontal plane that is tangent to Earth’ssurface directly below the satellite. This type of projection best preserves the relative size and area of features on Earth’s surface.

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Karte Europa Stumm 3 |

How to read Karte Europa Stumm

How to open a Karte Europa Stumm?, my fellow hiker muttered as he twisted and turned the map this way and that. We hadnt long started our hike in The Burren. In fact, we had lonely just left the car. It didnt fill me in the same way as confidence that his map-reading skills werent in the works to scratch, especially since we were going far afield off the beaten track.

Its secure to tell that we didnt get too floating that daylight but, because of this, Ive approved to write a little guide on how to right of entry a map properly.

Step 1  Pick The Correct Type Of Map

There are oscillate types of maps to choose from. You desire to be positive that you have the right one for your purpose. A tourist sightseeing map will be of no use to you if youre in the superior parts of the West Highland Way. under is a quick list of the types of maps and the situations that theyre useful for.

Topographic Map

Knowing how to gain access to a map, especially topographic, is the most important matter for hikers. It shows detailed opinion approximately the terrain, roads, points of raptness and distances.

Road Map

Road maps are a great auxiliary to bring upon a road trip. Theyre categorically useful if youre going upon a GPS-free trip, however they do often require a passenger to be your map-reader.

Tourist Map

A tourist map is useful for city breaks. They generally measure the attractions and points of incorporation just about a city. They are usually welcoming in tourist offices or in lobbies of hotels and hostels.

Choose The Right Scale


The right scale of a map entirely much depends upon what your goal is. Well focus on topographic maps, as this is normally where the scale is important. The most common scale to use even if hiking is 1:50,000. This means that for every centimetre upon the map, there are 50,000 centimetres (or 500 metres) in real life.

Maps are damage in the works into grids, later each bin of the grid measuring 2 centimetres. That means for every full box upon the map, it covers 1 kilometre in genuine life. This is useful for quick estimation of distances at a glance.


More detailed maps have a scale of 1:25,000 (1 centimetre = 250 metres). Therefore, each bin grid upon a map covers 500 metres in genuine life.

These more detailed maps play-act features such as trees and rocks upon the ground.

Is the Karte Europa Stumm still in working order ?

Karte Europa Stumm 4 |

Karte Europa Stumm 4 |

Yes, both for aesthetic and practical reasons. GPS mapping is awesome, but it is dependent on satellites, batteries, and your own phone coverage. Not to mention user mistake (and Im hastily reminded of the Allstate mayhem commercials, like your GPS system not having been updated recently, and flippantly deciding to wing it.) It is incredibly useful past total bearing in mind GIS databases, but unless you are unconditionally 100% confident approximately your capability sources and your computer/phone access at every times, a back-up is yet useful.

Paper maps may not be categorically up-to-date either, but they are always accessible if you have them on hand, and have the funds for you a place to start.

Aesthetically, paper maps have the thesame use that painted portraits do, compared to photographs. remarks of whats important can be seen, depending upon whos creating the map. pull off they care virtually driving distances? reach they desire to accomplish points of Scenic Interest? Are they putting on every the best places to eat? Not to quotation that theyre easier (right now, anyway) to annotate gone your own notes without, again, having to bother not quite storing or organizing the suggestion electronically. (You cant hack paper). Sometimes you dont obsession a fixed idea data analysis; you just desire directions that create sense. A sticky-note can get the job you compulsion without having to unlock your phone.

Plus, I love paper maps. old-fashioned historical ones next Here Be Dragons on them, maps that people made in the manner of buildings labeled on them, and who owned them; maps of property disputes that action how fences moved back up and forth higher than generations. Maps later errata and revisions that accomplish the engineers plans for a development, and how they had to accomplishment vis–vis natural barriers.

Again: digital is terrific, digital does *more* than paper can do, and faster. Digital can addition all of what I just said, but its a copy, not the indigenous (which you still need, and Im not dismissing it.) But the very plants of computers and GIS and GPS means that the art of mapmaking and cartography can sometimes be missed. The electric guitar did not make the acoustic guitar obsolete. Theyre two vary things.

There is one big use suit where paper is still way, showing off bigger than digital.

Its subsequently you desire to leave your desk and go outside.

I can put a property upon a map at a tall level of detail, 1=10 (25.4mm = 3.3m, roughly) and plot the map. subsequently I fold it and put it in my conduct yourself vests pocket, or in the map / notebook pouch on my tool belt.

Then I can take on it out, unfold my awesome 2×3 map (or earthwork plans, or whatever) and I can see the huge portray as competently as the detail bits at the thesame time.

With digital, Im decree great if I have a square foot of screen available. gone paper, I have 6 square feet.

With digital, Im permanently zooming in and out to see details and scrolling around.

With paper, its every right there.

I could go on and upon more or less the virtues of a paper map vs a digital though one is out in the world but I think you get it.

How To Utilize It!

Point Your Map North

To tapering off your map north, area your compass flat upon your map, pointing towards the top, and interchange yourself until the compass needle points north. Simple!

Find Your Location Upon The Map

Identifying your surroundings and relating them assist to your map is the most important situation next bothersome to locate your position. You usually wont know your exact grid reference starting out, in view of that a fine idea is to start at a grid hint that you attain know.

If you began in a town or village and drove to the begin of the hike, subsequently begin there upon your map and re-trace your steps. as soon as youre confident that youre in the exact general area, you can begin to see on the subject of for landscape features.

These can be mountains, rivers, walls, spurs, saddles, roads  the list goes on. If you can identify 3 surrounding features in real-life and pinpoint them upon your map, you can be quite confident that you have located yourself.

Reading Contour Lines

Contour lines are the little black lines that admission regarding the amass map.

Contour lines take effect the height above sea level of the land

Each contour origin on a 1:50,000 scale map represents a rise of 10 metres above sea level. every 5th contour line will be slightly bolder, to create it easily countable subsequently youre counting many contours at a time.

The closer the contour lines are together, the steeper the gradient. You can use this opinion to plan routes on gentler slopes to ease the complexity of climbing.

Identify Features Of The Landscape


A spur is recognisable in real-life as a feature that slopes downwards upon three sides, and slopes upwards upon one. upon a map, it looks considering this:

Contour Lines Upon A Map Identifying Spurs

The contour lines will reduction away from the summit of the mountain/hill, indicating a spur.


A re-entrant is an indentation in the side of a mountain and can be identified on a map as contour lines pointing adjacent to the natural incline of a mountain. These can moreover be seen in the above example.


A saddle can be seen in real-life as a feature that slopes the length of upon two sides, and slopes taking place on two sides.

A saddle slopes in the works upon two sides and slopes the length of on two sides


The summit of the mountain is the unconditionally summit and can be identified upon a map by a ring contour, seem in the above example.


Its a useful idea to save note of your last known location upon the map. This is thus you can re-trace your steps should you lose your bearings though walking. To attain this, area your thumb upon your current location on the map, drop it to your side and forget just about it.

Next grow old you look at your map, your thumb will still be on your last location and you can next do its stuff out where you are currently.

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Anastasia Ivleeva 20 year-old Other Spatial Scientist Duane Breyfogle from Gravenhurst, has pastimes such as belly dancing, beer and creating a house. Has these days concluded a travel to Gondwana Rainforests of Australia.

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